Get Closer To The Winner Of Film Festival 2019

winner of film festival 2019

The film festival is an organizational platform where filmmakers perform their best work. Normally, the festival focuses on movie genres. There are some film festivals in the world, some of them considered the best. Most importantly, there is always a winner at a festival. Here is the list of the winner of film festival 2019:

1.  Venice Film Festival: Joker

Venice Film Festival is the oldest film festival. That is why this is the most respected film festival. As always, their award for the best movie is called The Golden Lion. In 2019, The Golden Lion goes to Todd Philips for his best direction in Joker. Previously, he also won The Golden Lion in 2014.

2. Sundance Film Festival: One Child Nation

Sundance is the biggest film festival in America held in Utah annually. It performs independent movies from international and Americans indies filmmakers. Besides, Sundance also perform short movie and documentary. While in 2019, Sundance awarded One Child Nation/China.USA – The US Grand Jury Price for documentary category.

3. Cannes Film Festival: Parasite

Everybody agrees that the Cannes Film Festival is the most important and prestigious film festival. Furthermore, around 30,000 accredited professional film industry participates in this event. This year, South Korean’s Parasite wins the Palme d’Or. Palme d’Or is the highest award from the Cannes Film Festival.

4. Toronto International Film Festival: Jojo Rabbit

Since 1979, the Toronto International Film Festival has become one of the largest film festivals in the world. Also, this festival becomes the starting point of the movie to be accepted in the North America market. People’s Choice is the highest award for this festival. This year, Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit won the award.

5. Busan International Film Festival: Rom

Annually, this festival held an awarding and competition for a filmmaker. Consequently, this festival becomes a bridge for Asia’s movie to rise. This festival is the most important film festival in Asia because it is introducing the new directors to the world. In 2019, New Current Award goes to Rom by Tran Thang Huy.

6. Berlinale: Synonyms

Each year, more than 400 film screens at the festival. It takes place in a very artistic Germany Capital. Berlinale is the perfect place to promote, networking, even more, buy and sell films. Also, Berlinale gathers more than 3,700 journalists and 18,000 film professionals. In 2019, the Golden Bear Award for best film goes to Nadav Lapid’s Synonyms.

7. SXSW Film Festival: Alice

Annually this festival held in Texas City and attends by independent filmmakers and other big industry names. SXSW begins in 1987 and continues until today. Meanwhile, there are several awards for competition in SXSW, one of them is the Narrative Feature Competition. The winner of film festival 2019 is Alice by Josephine Mackerras.

8. Hongkong International Film Festival: You Have The Night

This event organizes by a nonprofit and nongovernment society. Additionally, they proclaim their self-commit to promote art and film production. The aim is to promote and introduce Asian cinema to the world. In 2019, the festival announces the winner for Firebird Award. The award goes to Ivan Salantic’s You Have The Night.

Winner of film festival 2019 are people with dedication and determination. Equally important, they work hard to produce something meaningful and deliver the message through films. Meanwhile, the above list is the winner for the best movie, they still have other categories though. So, be my guest to continue the list.