Kids Room Design Ideas For Minimalist House

kids room design ideas

It is a little tricky to set a minimalist kids’ bedroom. You should be really careful to choose the color and things inside. As the basis of minimalism, not included too many items, kids always have tons of toys and favorite things. To ease your mind, find out the inspirations of kids room design ideas here. Those are inspired by people who applied simplicity in their house. Just because you have a minimalist house, doesn’t mean your kids’ room would be boring and not playful.

The first thing you must prepare is finding out what your kids like and not. Avoid putting something that your kids don’t like. Even though it would look good or useful, it can upset them during the day. You definitely don’t want your kids to get a bad day all the time, right? So, compromised their taste with your design. It is not that hard. Find the inspirations from these kids room design ideas below:

1. Cartoon Wall Art

No matter whether it is a superhero, princess, or any character, kids always have their favorite figure. Make their room more attractive by painting the character they love. This could be one trick to add their interest. You can design one side wall with a big picture or spread them into several sides. When you paint to spread, minimize the size. The bigger the size, the room will feel so crowd.

2. Vertical Racks for Toys and Books

If you have eliminated things but there is still some stuff, don’t be stressed. Try to use vertical racks inside the room. But remember, choose the right design and color. Once you combine them properly, the room will look amazing. Put the toys, books, and anything there. Arrange the placement so it would not seem messy. Don’t place their favorite item in the highest part. Make them easy to catch the things they play most.

3. Mix the Right Favorite Colors

Besides the cartoon figure, kids also have favorite colors. Make a combo painting for them is one of the kids’ room design ideas for minimalist house. Ask them what they want the room looks like. Make their favorite color dominates the room, then add two or three more colors. Don’t combine too many colors because it can make the room so complicated.

4. Using Natural Decoration

Design the room with natural decorations. It is okay to put small plants inside. Place them into pots and fill the corners with it. The room will definitely feel fresh. As the option, you can choose a natural design for the wallpaper, like pieces of leaves, small trees, birds, grass, and many more. There is an advantage when you choose installing wallpaper. They can be changed as your kids grow up. Maybe when they get teenage, they change the taste.

5. Shabby Chic is Cute

Perhaps this idea is suitable for girls. But, if you are smart enough in playing with colors, your son would have no problem. Shabby chic colors are usually in the pastel range, like petal pink, dove grey, lime, midnight blossom, cream, and many more. Those colors could be combined into an interesting look. Our recommendation is to pick not more than three colors. It keeps the basis of minimalism.

Whatever the condition, you must make your kids feel comfortable. They don’t understand the wide of rooms. As long as they feel safe and playful, your kids will be okay. The kids room design ideas above are worth to try. Then, make a little adjustment based on your actual house now.