Is Your Child Overweight, Let’s Find Out These 5 Signs

Everyone wants their children to have the ideal body weight. However, some parents experience problems regarding their child’s weight, whether underweight or overweight. If you asking is your child overweight, you can read information about this in this article.

The sooner you know these signs, the better for your child’s growth. Therefore, as a parent, you should always pay attention to your child’s weight. Is your child overweight, let’s find out the signs below:

1.     The Weight Is Above The Ideal Body Weight

WHO has a standard for children’s weight all over the world. The standard is summarized in a growth chart for children. Therefore, every child is required to always control his weight and write it down on a growth chart.

In the growth chart, there will be information about your child’s weight. If your child’s weight is far above the ideal weight at his age, your child may be overweight. Therefore, if you are unsure about entering your body weight in the growth chart, ask your pediatrician for help.

2.     There are Black Circles On The Neck And Finger Joints

Usually, children who are overweight have black streaks around their neck. The black stroke is called Acanthosis Nigrican. Black strokes occur due to excessive buildup of skin cells.

This thickening is common in children and adolescents who are overweight and obese. Furthermore, this thickening can also occur in other body folds, namely the armpits or finger joints.

3.     The Body Shape Is Not Ideal

Children who are overweight usually have swollen breasts and large breasts. In addition, the legs form the letter ‘X’. However, the body shapes of children who are overweight are also various kinds.

There are children who have a body shape like an apple, which is more fat in the upper part of the body. There are also children who have a body shape like a pear, which is fatter accumulating in the lower part of the body such as hips and thighs.

4.     Difficult to Sleep at Night

In addition to the signs above, you can also see if children tend to have difficulty falling asleep at night. Then, that can be a risk factor for overweight. Difficulty sleeping and causing the child to lack sleep will affect two hormones.

The leptin hormone will be low while ghrelin will increase. This change in hormone levels will make your child eat more. Surely this will endanger your child’s health later.

5.     Having a Small Genital

If you still ask is your child overweight, maybe this sign can make you a consideration. These characteristics are usually found in boys. Obese boys tend to have smaller genitals. This is because a lot of fat tissue so that the genitals tend to vanish.

If this happens, it will certainly affect the growth and development of your child. Try to consult a pediatrician to overcome this immediately. Ask if this happens due to overweight or hormonal problems in your child.

Those are 5 signs that your child is overweight. You do need to panic about is your child overweight after you read this article. However, if you meet all of these signs in your child, immediately consult your pediatrician.