Important Tips for Breastfeeding Twin Baby

Having twins means having twice of happiness and twice of joy. However, at the same time, having twins means extra work for the mother. Giving breastmilk is every mother’s dream for their babies. Having one kid and giving them breastmilk is already hard, so imagine how hard it is for twins. But, nothing is impossible for incredible moms. There are some tips for breastfeeding twin baby that parents must know to help them ease breastfeeding. 

mother and her identical twin daughters

Breastfeeding for babies is usually done until they are 2 years. So, moms should also take care of their health, before thinking about their babies. Try these tips to help on your breastfeeding with the baby. These tips for breastfeeding twin baby will hopefully help you on your child journey.

1. Start Soon

One of the concerns of many parents is whether they can produce enough breastmilk for their baby. Well, anything is possible including breastfeeding two babies at a time. Therefore, when they are born, try to stimulate them by making them drink your breast. At first, it may be hard for them but keep ongoing. Try one baby at a time, until they succeed. 

 2. Tandem Nursing

If you have succeeded in the step before, try tandem nursing. This means feeding them at the same time at each breast. Usually, twin babies will have a different schedule in feeding, therefore try to make them the same time. This is a bit hard, but if you can make it happen, you can also save time for resting. 

 3. Find the Right Position

One of the key for successful breastfeeding is by being in a comfortable position. So, when you decide for tandem nursing, make sure to be in the most comfortable position. Put a pillow on your back and also on the side. This will help prevent your body from acing and getting tired. Once you feel comfortable, the baby will adjust to your position. 

 4. Drink A lot of Water

This is a must to all breastfeeding mommies to keep their body healthy. Imagine how much energy two babies will take from a mother? So, to keep the baby healthy, ensure that the mommy is health too. Drink at least 3L of water every day and eat a lot of vegetables too. These are two important food to consume when breastfeeding. Other than that, try consuming healthy foods to keep your body healthy.

 5. Lactation Consultant

Mothers don’t need a problem first to call a lactation consultant. By calling them, you can get help and tips for breastfeeding twin baby. They will help with the babies’ lactation and correct you if the position is wrong. Although it is not free, getting help from a lactation will really help parents in the future. It is better to learn now, rather than regretting doing something wrong.

Basically, breastfeeding is not an easy task for any mother. So, make sure you have extra patients if you have twin babies. Follow these tips for breastfeeding twin baby, and hopefully, it can help. The key to breastfeeding is keeping on going even though it is hard. So, both the baby and the mommy need to fight together.