How to Prevent Dementia Since You are Young

We cannot change our genes or hold the age not to get older. However, within this fact, you must also accept that during the time your capability will decline. Starts from a memory, skill for problem solving and language, and many more. When you see someone is often misplacing, confused for no reason, or memory loss, those could be the symptoms of dementia. You can avoid it, at least delay it, as long as you know how to prevent dementia.

Actually, dementia is not a disease. It is a condition when someone’s nerve cells in their brain stop working. Thus, it is challenging to avoid when you are old. But, today, dementia seems not seeing an age anymore. When you are having a bad lifestyle, you are risky for this too. Here below are how to prevent dementia earlier now:

  1. Stop Smoking

It is not a joke, buddies! If you quit smoking, then you save your future from dementia. You might only think that smoking can cause cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, and any bad effect. Furthermore, smoking can increase the risk of dementia too. Especially for Alzheimer and vascular dementia.

2. Keep Active

Be as active as possible as you can. Regular physical activity is not only good to maintain your weight, but also prevent and manage the long-term condition. Many studies said that if you are active at a young age, then you decrease memory risk problem. Being active here is not only exercising. When you have something to do and enjoy it, such as a hobby, it keeps your brain works. Your daily routine could be this thing too. As long as you enjoy, just make it a good habit.

3. Eating Health Foods

Balance your diet and keep your body healthy. Try to reduce saturated fat, such as butter, cakes, or processed meat. Those foods can increase your blood pressure an contribute to cholesterol level and risk of heart disease. When you are old, it will be hard to take vegetables and fruits. So, pay attention to everything you take. Because it will continue until you become a grandpa or grandma.

4. Stop Drinking Alcohol

It is true that stop drinking alcohol will reduce dementia. But tell us, how many people that aware about it? Not all, even young people, know that alcohol is one of the factors for dementia. Many studies also have proven that alcohol links to dementia. Long-term of being alcoholic can increase the risk of dementia.

5. Stimulate Your Brain

Just like your physic, your brain needs to keep active too. Stay healthy for your mind can put you far from dementia. It is also useful for someone who already got dementia. Stimulating your brain will make dementia development slower. Thus, keep learning, doing something new, and going outside to refresh your mind.

Another thing you must concern is avoiding stress too much. As a young man, we know you might be eager for career and many achievements. But, reducing stress is the easiest way of how to prevent dementia. The earlier you know, the more preventive your lifestyle would be.