Dunes Beach Indiana, The Newest National Park In The United States

The United States had a new national park in early 2019. The national park is the Indiana Dunes National Park which is the 61st US park. The location of this national park is in the State of Indiana. The following explanation is more about the Dunes Beach Indiana.

Indiana dunes national park

What is Indiana Dunes?

The Dunes Beach Indiana (mount baldy) is a national park in Indiana which has the name Indiana dunes national park. Indiana Dunes National Park stretches over an area of ​​15,000 hectares northwest of Indiana, precisely along the shores of Lake Michigan.

The distance of this national park is about 80 kilometers from the third largest city in the US namely Chicago. Previously, this national park is famous as Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Its designation as a national park have a signature by President Donald Trump in February 2019.

News of the designation of the national park was later have announcement by local Park service staff via their official Twitter account on 15 February 2019. Indiana Dunes is the most visited site in the State of Indiana. This tourist attraction is get visitors around 3.5 million visitors per year.

The Special of Indiana Dunes

The Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial is a nationally recognized site. After the designation, Indiana Dunes became the first national park in the State of Indiana.

There are more species of plants and animals than in Hawaii and it’s possible people know that it’s in Indiana. Visitors can reach the dunes from three different states within an hour’s drive.

For 100 years, sand dunes and a variety of plants at Indiana Dunes have been a natural field laboratory for scientific ecological studies. In addition, this park is home to around 1,100 species of native plants. The highest sand dunes formed after melting glaciers can reach approximately 58 meters.

The Advantages of Indiana Dunes

Dunes Beach Indiana are located along the coastline of Lake Michigan. This national park is known for its sand, located at an altitude of 123 feet in the form of the largest sand dune on the south coast of Lake Michigan.

Hikers can travel to the summit to see the beautiful view of Lake Michigan. And is a famous place for sunbathing. Around the mound there are hiking trails and a popular bridwatching place called cowles bog. Indiana Dunes close to the beach which is very famous for swimming activities.

The Phenomenon That Occurs in Indiana Dunes

The Dunes Beach Indiana are known as “wandering mounds”, sometimes also known as “living dunes”. That means the sandbar shifts and moves from time to time.

In 2013, the Mount Baldy desert collapsed and sucked a 6-year-old boy named Nathan Woessner. So poor little boy is trapped in a hole as deep as 3.5 meters. As a result, he had to wait several hours for the evacuation process. Luckily his life can still live safely.

That said, Mount Baldy is the only sand dune that has a hole suddenly. According to researchers from Indiana University Northwest, sand dunes disappear quickly, and the event is very hard to believe.

Because this world is full with mystery. The Dunes Beach Indiana (Mount Baldy) may be only one of many unsolved signs. Before everything is got an answer with certainty, then Mount Baldy will remain a mystery and devour everything in its path.