Strange Black Cat Superstition That Most World’s Population Believe

Cats are cute animals that many people love to take care of. However, people see black cats a bit different compared to normal ones. Many people believe that black cats bring bad luck to the environment. Is this a true statement or is it just a hoax? Well, there is the black cat superstition going around since years ago, but no one knows the truth.

black cat superstition

Well, in the middle centuries, black cats were believed as witches. If not, people will see black cats as the assistants of witches. It is always connected to black magic; therefore, it is bad luck. But, the truth is no one has ever said the truth or fact about black cat superstition. Whether it happened or not and the effect. Well, here are some of the strange beliefs going around the world until today:

1. Do Not Adopt a Black Cat

The number of black cat adoptions is the lowest compared to other cats. Shelters have said that it is very difficult to attract people to black cats. This is because many people believe that adopting a black cat is bad luck. So, when the cat comes into the house, your house will be full of bad luck too. Many people don’t believe this mythos, but they prefer to prevent bad things from happening. 

2. Dreaming a Black Cat

People say that if you dream about a black cat, it means you will be experiencing something bad. Usually, after dreaming of a black cat, people will be extremely careful. However, no one has ever stated this is real. Another belief going on is when you dream of a black cat you will start in not believing yourself. Well, hopefully, these things are not right. 

3. Black Cat at a Funeral

Next is a belief about black cats at a funeral. When there is a funeral, and a black cat passes, they say it is the sign of another death. Therefore, many people block black cats from entering a funeral, to prevent this from happening. This mythos is quite creepy, but some people ask what is the relationship between these two?

4. Black Cats Crossing your Path

This black cat superstition is one of the most popular in the world, and many people do believe in it. They believe when this happens it will bring bad luck for the rest of your life. Therefore, many people prevent black cats from crossing by kicking or pushing them away. This sounds harsh, but people prefer to do this. 

5. Black Cat Brings the Evils

Another superstition about black cats is they bring evilness with them. This is another main reason why many people don’t want to adopt them. However, this is not true at all because no research or fact has proven it. 

Until today many people believe that black cat superstition is real and can happen. But no one has clearly said that it is true, and it happened to them. Therefore, try not to believe everything that is said out there. Not everything is true, especially if you have not to experience yourself.