The Best Action Directors You Should Know And Their Famous Movie

You know many movie genres are released. But however, the action movie is the best of all. Why do people love seeing this genre? Simply said, the action movie gives people motivation. Within it’s powerful and admiring casts, its viewers control stress in an unexpected situation. This visualization cannot be great without the magic skill of the director. Here are the best action directors you should know with their best creation.

Best Action Directors

Another interesting part of watching the action movie is insecure and safe feeling at the same time. Also, there is a relation between your psychological health with an action movie. When you see the hero, some people have influenced themselves as one of the cast. Thus, after seeing the movie, they feel more spirited than before. Have you ever felt that way too? Feel it from their films below:

1. Steven Spielberg

Nobody doesn’t know him. Even though you never meet him, we are sure that you must be ever watched his movie. Indiana Jones, The Terminal, and Saving Private Ryan are just pieces of his best-selling movies. Surprisingly, he makes the other genres too with the same great result. Thus, it makes him so popular among the awards, filmmakers, and public. You might not have to know him well. Just watch his movies, then you will understand how awesome he is.

2. John McTiernan

Feel the spirit of humanity from John McTiernan’s movies. No need hesitation for his creations. Predator and Die Hard are just two of his masterpieces. His movies often achieved high-profit once it is released. His new movie “Tau Ceti Four” gives you a new sensation in watching an action movie. Check it out and tell us how amazing John combines the story.

3. James Cameron

Don’t say that you haven’t watch Avatar movie or The Terminator. If you never see both of them, then you must find it now. How come you miss the incredible films from James Cameron? He is not just a director, but also as a producer and screenwriter too. Thus, you cannot deny his amazing action scenes. Another of his magic is in his special visual effect.

4. John Woo

John Woo is one of the best directors in Asia. He is known for his action movies. Hard Target and Broken Arrow are his famous movies. In 2000, he created another masterpiece titled Impossible 2. If you want to see the other genre, watch his movie Face/Off. It is his popular sci-fi movie. More than that, John Woo is also a writer for comic series Seven Brothers.

5. Richard Donner

The Omen is one of the popular horror movies. But, it is not about Richard Donner’s movie we are talking about here. If you wondering how good his action movie is, then just watch Sa superman movie. Still, want more? See Lethal Weapon 1-4 and all his TV series. You couldn’t agree more that he is one of the best action directors you should know.

Their movies are must-see movies in your life. You are not the real action movie lovers if you have never seen it. Actually, there are still more action movie directors. But there is no one as the best action directors you should know above.